The Redmond Flats Archive

Destitute Drive

Available Lots
I have found, over my years of playing, that I like to play poor/hermit Sims. As such, I have created over the years a number of "shacks" for them to live in. Sometimes my poor Sims  happily stay in their shack for life, even if their fortunes improve, progressively upgrading their humble abode over time. Sometimes their fortunes change and they are able to move into a "real" house.  Sometimes they're forced out because their family outgrows available space.

In any case, these shacks are mostly on teeny 1x1 lots with little-to-no room to expand, but a few of them are on larger lots, up to 2x2 and so could be expanded. They might be useful for playing "legacy style," evolving a house over time, if you expanded the lot size to the size required by the Legacy Challenge rules.

They are all cheap, but there's a range of cheapness, since I start out my Sims in a range of poverty. As such, these lots cost between $2,500 and $10,000. Most of them aren't very pretty. All have no real bedroom and so are "studio style." All have at least basic food availability, the cheapest only having a mini-fridge, the most expensive having full kitchen facilities. All have toilet facilities of some sort. Some have actual plumbing with an actual full bathroom. Some have a sink to sponge-bathe in but no tub or shower. Some have an outhouse and an outdoor rain barrel shower. Some have electric lighting, some are lit with candles. Some even have a bit of landscaping. Some have pre-prepared gardens and/or a fruit tree for a Sim who wants to live off the land, and some have a fish pond for those who wish to be self-sufficient fishermen.

So, if you need a house for a poor Sim, a Sim who wants to live "off the grid," or just a crazy, raving hermit, you just might find something for them here.