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Welcome to my Downloads section!

Once this section is actually operational, you will  find all of the stuff that I create for this damned game here, including some stuff not uploaded at MTS, my usual haunt. You can access the downloads by category, using the links to the left. As you can see, I mostly concentrate on Build Mode stuff and lots, but I do have plans to expand more into Buy Mode stuff as well in the future. BodyShop stuff? Er, never, I'm afraid. I suck rocks at that stuff.

Before you go off to check out my stuff, though, I would like to spell out  my sharing and request-taking policy. So:

I will take requests, if it's for something that I have the ability to create. Mostly, I'm a recolorist, and I'm told that I have a good "color sense," so I hope to become a really good recolorist, eventually. I am only just now tentatively trying to figure out the whole meshing dealy-bob, so at this point in time I do not have the ability to create/modify meshes for you. And don't ask me to create Sims or create/recolor anything that goes on a Sim's body. I am, as I said, absolutely hopeless with that stuff, only capable of creating fugly stuff. But if you need, say, an already-existing column or window or lampshade in a bazillion different colors, I'm your woman.

That said, I'm also a fairly busy woman, particularly at certain times of the year. If you make a request, it might take me a while to get to it...or it might not, depending on my schedule at the time. If I accept your request, I'll give you an estimate as to how long I think it will take me to complete it, but this should not be construed as any kind of guarantee. Life happens, you know.

I am not AT ALL proprietary about ANY of the things that I solely create for the game, even the stuff that I've put a lot of time and effort into. I create solely for fun, as a hobby, because it meshes well with my interest in digital art, and so I gladly and freely share what I create. To me, creating for the Sims is like writing fanfiction, which is another of my hobbies: I don't own anything that I create for the game. No matter how much time and effort I put into a Sims creation, Maxis owns everything that I create, not me, and only Maxis has the right to sell things for the game. Just like Paramount, not me, owns Montgomery Scott. (Alas... *dreamy sigh*)

So what this means for you is:

  • Feel free to recolor anything that I create and to offer your recolors for download if you wish to do so. Feel free to take my colors/textures and apply them to your own or someone else's meshes. You need not ask me for permission to do any these things. But if do you ask me, I'll give you my .PSD templates to make recoloring/borrowing textures a lot easier for you, if you give me an email address to send them to.
  • If you can/want to use something that I've created for a non-Sims project, go for it.
  • If you include something that I create in a lot that you subsequently offer for download, that's wonderful. My ego will expand at an alarming rate and will then reach out and hug the stuffing out of you.
  • Credit when sharing is nice though not required. However, it's rude to claim as your own something that you didn't create, even though I don't believe I own anything that I create for the game.
  • To be perfectly honest, I would prefer that my stuff stays far, far away from The Sims Resource (even the free section) or any other paysite, for personal reasons. (For one thing, my opinion about who has the right to sell game content differs quite a bit from their opinion on the subject!) But in the end, I really can't (and likely won't) stop you if you want to upload stuff to such places.

So basically: Do what you will.

However, if I'm not the sole creator of an object (For example, if I've recolored a non-Maxis object that someone else made), then you DO need to abide by the original creator's wishes in terms of sharing. In those cases, I will link you to a place where you can find the original creator's policies.