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Welcome to the heart and soul of our little archive. I'm Noelle, and this is my little corner of the site. Because no one else would touch it with a ten-foot pole. And whatever no one else wants to do, Noelle gets to do. Yay.

So. This is the place to see what happens in every household every day in our little town. It's kind of creepy, knowing someone's watching us all the time, taking note of what happens and what we do, especially when we're doing things that aren't exactly nice or right. (Yes, Stuart, we're all looking at you.) But nevertheless, this is our life here. It's what we all signed up for, and we knew what we were getting into. Or we were born into the crazy and so we're stuck with it and have no choice in the matter. There's a happy thought!

Anyway, to the right you will find links to each family who has records available. They're handed down directly and verbatim from our "benevolent" Goddess On Crack -- I mean, On High! -- so any errors and stuff are hers. I just do the formatting around here. Because, as I said, no one else would do it.


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