The Redmond Flats Archive

Welcome to Redmond Flats!

Who wants to live in the middle of nowhere in the desert? Well, apparently some people do! Why? Maybe because the scenery is beautiful in its stark simplicity. Maybe because the land is dirt-cheap, practically given away. Maybe because they're hiding a deep, dark secret and need a place to hide away from the world. Maybe they're tired of living in crowded, boring, crime-riddled cities and suburbs. Maybe they're tired of being stared at because they are a little...uh, odd. Maybe they're interested in learning hands-on the process of transforming desert into arable land. And maybe they're just, you know, flat-out insane.

Whatever the case, they've decided to come to this barren, rocky, bone-dry wasteland, this place on the corner of Backwater and Nowhere (or at least that has roads by those names) and make it home. There's not much here and life is hard and tends to lack modern conveniences that many people take for granted, but for whatever reason a small group of intrepid pioneers has decided that they have what it takes to tame this wilderness and make it their own little piece of heaven.

Do they have what it takes? Well, I guess I'll find out. And so will you, if you follow along on this site as it grows.

This website will regale you with tales of these crazy -- I mean, pioneering! -- souls as well as that of their descendants. Feel free to follow along and watch this town go from a frontier backwater barely scraping out an existence in a harsh environment to, hopefully, a thriving and vibrant metropolis.

The Redmond Flats Archives is a record of the results of a The Sims 2 Build A City Challenge. Redmond Flats is an entirely fictional virtual town, which should be blazingly obvious. But you never know... ;)