The Redmond Flats Archive

Kana Haggerty Zaycroft

This is Kana, Robin's wife, and she's as completely opposite from him as she can be. Yet, they're totally hot for each other. None of us has been able to figure out how that works, exactly. All we can assume is that opposites really do attract. None of us have been able to figure out how she isn't a vampire yet, either, but given how Robin looks at her sometimes...Yeah, it probably won't be long before she's sporting fangs, too. (And popping out a million babies, I should think...) She tells me that she wouldn't mind sporting fangs, really. Nor would she mind the babies, even. It's just that Robin's...well...shy. On both counts.

Anyway, Kana's...chatty. She'll talk your ear off if you give her half a chance, but she's so charming about it that half the time you don't care, even if you've got somewhere else really important to go. And then you find yourself over to her house for dinner and then you get to see the glorious sight of a just-woken-up Robin wandering around in his jammies and...Yeah, I've been to their house a few times, can you tell?

Kana's also our resident arteest. Like I said, if I'm behind in my work on this section, blame her. She's the one who futzes with the artsy pics and makes 'em look pretty...

Anyway, below are all the more "formal" pics that we have of Kana. More can be found in her family's records.