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Lakeview Loop

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1 Lakeview Loop
2 Lakeview Loop
Since I don't have Bon Voyage and therefore can't create beach lots, I occasionally mess around with building "lakefront" lots instead.  They are designed such that they have interesting features on and/or nice views from the back of the house. These lots have become the Lakeview Loop series. They are "higher end" homes, as lakefront homes usually are, and so they have upgraded appliances/fixtures and bells and whistles like hot tubs. As such, they generally cost $50,000 and up.

Most of these lots come with a bit of a warning attached, however. They have been built and designed such that the back of the lot is meant to butt up directly against neighborhood water, in order to create the "lake view." As a result, many of these lots have been flattened such that the edges of the lot ARE NOT FLAT. Because of this, there is a element of  "danger" involved with them.

The danger is that these lots may rip holes in your neighborhood terrain or warp it or what-have-you if you DON'T place these lots directly against neighborhood water, especially if you subsequently move the lot somewhere else for whatever reason. This distortion is caused by lots that don't have flat edges and, as I said, many in this series do not have flat edges, which is deliberate on my part. If you download and choose to place a Lakeview Loop lot such  that it doesn't butt up against neighborhood water...I'm not responsible for the consequences to your neighborhood's terrain.

Other than that...Well, these are some of my favorite lots that I've ever created, and I hope that you will enjoy them, should you choose to give them a shot.