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I love building lots in the Sims. Probably it's because I wanted to be an architect when I grew up, until I found out that math and physics were involved. Math isn't my forte, to say the least, so that kind of squashed that ambition. But in SimLand, I can be an "architect" without doing any math at all! I can even build things that are physically impossible, if I want to. So this aspect of creating is sort of imaginative and freeing, whereas the others are kind of more artistic. No wonder this game sucked me in like a magnet; it rings all my bells.

But anyway, I've organized my lots into various series, which you can access using the links to the left. Before you go off, though, please have a look at the following information. It applies to all of my lots, and it's stuff that I don't want to repeat on every page:

Here are the EPs that I have installed and that are therefore REQUIRED for ALL of my lots or else they will possibly (or maybe even definitely) crash your game if you try to load them: University, Nightlife, Pets, Open For Business, Seasons, and Free Time. In other words, all EPs except Bon Voyage and Apartment Life.

When I offer a lot for download, they are only "finished" as if they were real-life houses for sale. This means that:

  • All architectural elements like interior walls, windows, and interior/exterior doors are in place. This includes things like fireplaces, gazebos, pools, sheds, outhouses(!), outdoor walkways, garages/carports, breezeways, patios, and decks/porches. (Although not every house will have all of those things, obviously.)
  • The walls and floors are finished, inside and out, in colors that I like for the lot in question. Generally, I use neutrals to be "safe," although I do seem to have a fondness for decorating in red/white/black sometimes. You might hate the colors that I've chosen, of course, in which case you should change them. I figure that, unlike furniture and a bunch of deco, walls/floors are easy enough to change out if you don't like what I've put in.
  • All bathrooms and kitchens have appliances/fixtures and counters. This would include outdoor plumbing fixtures, like hot tubs, if any. All bathrooms also have at least one mirror. Again, I have chosen stuff that I like, and in general I stick to Maxis stuff whenever I can in the interests of keeping the CC level as low as possible. However, since Maxis appliances and Maxis counters generally don't play very well together in terms of matching, you will see a lot of the same stuff used often. So, you'll likely want to put in your favorite CC/recolors anyway. :) On occasion, if CC stuff REALLY fits well, I'll put in the CC and include it in the download.
  • Every room has at least one light fixture. Usually, it's a ceiling one, except in bathrooms, where wall fixtures tend to prevail for some reason. Sometimes I'll include exterior lighting, sometimes not.

Miscellaneous Notes/Info:

  1. I try to keep CC to a minimum with lots. However,  I'm pretty hopeless with Maxis-only windows/doors and walls/floors because I'm just slightly anal about having things match both in color and style, and most of Maxis's stuff...Well, it doesn't match. So those will pretty much always be CC, even if it's just Maxis recolors. But that's usually it, except on fairly rare occasions when I go CC-crazy.
  2. In my game, I have default-replaced the Maxis roofs so that they all have white edges rather than the Maxis grey edges. I used this nifty little mod by Phaenoh  to accomplish this. I think it looks tons better, but if you haven't replaced or don't want to replace your roofs, then all of my lots will show with the standard yucky grey roof edges in your game. EWWWWWW! There are CC white-trimmed roofs out there, if you don't want to default-replace.  I just found myself only using the white-trimmed roofs, anyway, so for me there was no reason not to default-replace them.
  3. My lots are generally not heavily landscaped, although sometimes I will get a wild hair and go a bit crazy. My reasoning is that you might not want heavily-landscaped lots requiring gardeners and/or a Sim with lots of time on his/her hands to maintain the plants. Plus, I'm really not all that good/creative at landscaping, not in real life and not in SimLand. it yourself. :) What I do put in, though, is all Sim-accessible if it needs to be maintained because nothing annoys me more than gorgeous landscaping that requires maintenance but that Sims can't access.
  4. My lots don't always have garages and/or driveways. Very occasionally, they don't even have room for those things even if you wanted to add them. This is because I only build lots that I use,  and I don't often give my Sims vehicles. If you find yourself liking the lot but want more room for a driveway/garage, I highly recommend Mootilda's Lot Adjuster. With that, you can expand/contract a lot to any size you want, down to 1x1 and  up to 6x6, and you can choose where the building will sit on the lot, too.
  5. And, finally, I tend to build "realistically." Sometimes I work from real-life floor plans that I find in various places and then modify for Sims purposes. (As in, they don't need gigantic walk-in closets, laundry rooms, or mechanical rooms.) But usually a design just squirts into my brain and then I lurch all zombie-like and drooling to my laptop to build it. However, they are all "life-like" and realistically-sized. Gigantic, mostly-empty rooms in Sims houses don't cut it for me for my own playing style; I like to be able to keep an eye on my pixel people easily. However, I play all of the lots that I build, sometimes extensively. Compact as the floor plans may be, I will only offer for download those that I find work well for a family whose size logically fits the house in question, without undue "traffic jams." But if you try to stick a family of 6 into a lot with only two small bedrooms and one bathroom, then don't complain to me about the traffic jams. ;)