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Do you find yourself liking the lots that the various residents of Redmond Flats live in? Well, you can download them all here. (Except for the "poor" lots. Those can be found on Destitute Drive.)

If you're not actually following the Redmond Flats story, then...Since Redmond Flats is a desert neighborhood, all of these lots are in contemporary desert/Santa Fe/Southwest style, with a bit of Meditteranean thrown in here and there, for variety.

They are also as "authentic" as I can make them. I live in the US Southwest, so I have a lot of examples. But beyond that there are also other authentic details. Like not a lot of windows  on the "sunny" side of the house, and overhangs and shutters on many windows, in order to keep out heat and keep interiors cool during the day and warmer at night because it gets cold in the desert at night. (Even though that doesn't matter for Sims, of course.) The color schemes and building materials are all "believable," too. Desert colors, tile roofs, and mudbrick and plaster textures to simulate adobe reign supreme, with interior wall coverings often the same as the exterior wall coverings. Floors are mostly wood, tile, and concrete. The houses have exterior/interior details like vigas, post and beam construction, and outdoor pergolas. They are xeriscaped, completely lacking in grass, with a preponderance of dirt/rock terrain paints (Contrary to popular belief, most deserts are not sandy at all. They're rocky and dusty and the ground is hard, sunbaked, sometimes cracked dirt, not sand.) If they are landscaped at all, they are landscaped using CC "plastic" desert plants. As such, these all have a bit of a higher level of CC than most of my other lots. But on the other hand, gardeners are generally not needed. :)

You'll find a range of sizes and styles here as time goes on and I build more houses for this neighborhood. Eventually, there will probably be a few mansion-like haciendas. For now, they're mostly low- to mid-income housing, plus the shacks you can find in the Destitute Drive section.