The Redmond Flats Archive

Robin Zaycroft

Robin is, of course, one of our illustrious founders. And I suppose we'll ultimately have him to blame if we all find ourselves turned into vampires. But hey, Robin's so cute and nice that we probably won't mind if that happens. Seriously. You can't help but forgive him of any sin.

He's hard to get a hold of, though. Besides the fact that he's only awake at night, he's so very shy. Even if you call when you know he's awake, he often won't pick up the phone. His totally-opposite wife Kana will answer, gladly, and she'll probably invite you over for dinner and a long and animated conversation, but getting to talk to Robin is, really, a very rare privilege. Which is a shame because he's So. Damn. Cute. Don't you just want to pat his head? I know you do...

Anyway, below are all the more "formal" pics that we have of Robin. Of course Kana would tackle a pic of her little honeybun right away... But more can be found in his family's records.

Kana's Artsy Pics


He really is a very pretty guy. For a flip-flop-wearing blood-sucking killer, that is. But the camera just loves him. And so does Kana. :)