The Redmond Flats Archive
Generation 1:

The Shannon Family Gallery

Maura here again. From this page you can access the photos that we have archived for the ShannonFamily, one of our founding families. They're good, down-to-Earth people. So down-to-Earth that they're...plants. Yeah. Must be nice when your body makes your own food...

Of course, this is all assuming that there will be a Shannon family, that is. Raf insists that he's going to remain happily single and that he has no plans to spawn any Plantbabies, either. But we'll see about that. I'm betting that he's going to get lonely and...Maybe I need to start a betting pool...

Anyhoo, in this section you can watch each individual Shannon, assuming that there'll be more than one, sort of grow up, you can find out information about them,  and you can more easily see who's related to whom. You can also find pictures that happen when our resident artist  feels a need to be...well, artsy.

Use the links on the left to access an individual's page.