The Redmond Flats Archive

Stuart Redmond

Stuart is, of course, one of our illustrious founders. In fact, he's the reason that we're all here, what with the whole "accident" with his resurrection that didn't go quite as planned and that totally embarrassed his megabucks family. So off he was sent...and here we are. Not that we're complaining, of course. We're not! Well, not most of the time, that is...

Stu's also my "wonderful" husband. Yeah, "I Married the Zombie." It can be a real trial sometimes because he can be kind of a jerk. But he can also be really sweet when he wants to be. He's got kind of roving eye, though. Used to be quite the ladies' man, so I'm told, but most ladies won't give him a second look anymore, what with the whole zombie thing. And that kind of depresses him, really. Maybe that's why he decided that he wanted a wife in the first place... Whatever the case, I'm not too worried about the roving eye, really. Hell, sometimes I'm all, "Someone else can damn well have him!" But we get along, in general, and maybe I'll even love him someday... *sigh*

Anyway, below are all the more "formal" pics that we have of Stuart. More can be found in his family's records.