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I've been on a creating-not-playing kick lately, but I finally sat down and played and made it through a rotation and a half. Then I disciplined myself to sit down and write stuff up. Now I just need to figure out how to format it here... I've started on it, but I'm out of time for the day, so you can't see most of what I've done. Hopefully I'll finish up a few families tomorrow... I did get the front page of the Family Records section done, though! Ooooh! Ahhhh!
I did more futzing around in the photo section, so there are more pages and more pics to look at. I've also assigned an in-character "keeper" for the section. (Yes, I like to do in-character stuff. It's the writer in me, I guess.) So, there is now a photo gallery page up for most of the characters I've actually played so far.

So now I'm off to put together the documentation of that playing, so that should be up next, along with downloads, assuming that I remember to takes pics of the lots I want to offer for download...
I started to put together the photo section today, and as a result you can see the first completed profile image for the site, of good ol' Stuart the Zombie. Otherwise, the section is very skeletal.

It'll have more pics and profiles shortly, and it will also "introduce" the in-character Sim who will be the keeper of the photo archive...until she dies, of course. You'll also meet the in-character artist. But that will happen tomorrow because the real-life artist (that being me) has some work to do first. :) But I wanted to figure out how I was going to organize that section of the Chronicles, so now that's done, at least. Now to fill it in. And everything else, too.

So, I'm off to take pics and r
Just doing some "administrative" stuff in here. Mostly setting up the Downloads section with...pages that you can't see yet, until I get formatting all figured out.

However, I did actually play the game last night, and I made it through the first round for two of the founders before my eyes refused to stay open. Once I get the resulting pics under control and write stuff up, you'll have those. Maybe that'll be today. More likely tomorrow.

God, I can't believe it's October...


    Hi! I'm Kat. By trade, I am a middle-aged musician-for-hire, but I seem to have this strange obsession with The Sims 2. You get to "enjoy" that obsession with this site. Yay.

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