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Well, the site is graphically coming together, anyway. :) There's now a (doctored) in-game image from the game on the home page, and I have designed the town's logo. The logo now graces the top of every page and will continue to do so except in the case of the download page, once I actually get that section operational.

The Map Page is now fully functional, too, and also includes the zoning that I've settled on for the town as it grows. I must offer my deepest thanks to Zoe, my housemate's daughter, for helping me to come up with many different synonyms for the words "boondocks" and "dry." The synonyms we liked best became road names. (I think "Godforsaken Place" is particularly inspired, and that one is all Zoe's. Thank you, honeybun. ;) ) Zoe also helped me to decide which road would be named what.

But that's about it for today. Tomorrow, my in-character "storyteller," Rafael, will post his first blog entry; I just need to finish up a few pics for it. Also, I plan to add some downloads. Finally. :) go play the game so that I can get some folks married and get started on the family records and such. :)
9/26/2010 11:59:49

Looking good! It's coming on well, huh? I love your map and road names - maybe it'll inspire me to get one done for Velden Hills! Velden Hills is quite a bitbigger, though, with lots of little roads, so it'll take a while..... Now I just nees a housemate's daughter to help me come up with road names! :-)

Can't wait 'til the chronicling starts! :-D

9/27/2010 05:24:34

Hey, Laura. :)

Well, if you find yourself in need of Zoe-ness, you just give me a yell. For a 14-year-old, she really is a walking thesaurus. She's just always loved words and writing stories, so hers is a very good brain to pick when you need words. Velden Hills is :) So, you need a bunch of synonyms for green! ;) Yeah, that's it...

(Heh. I usually do "lush" neighborhoods, too. I decided it was time for something completely different.)

And go chronicle. Although really it's only a "prologue" kind of thing, for now...

9/29/2010 23:16:08

Hehe, yeah green is a general theme. I just counted the number of roads in Velden Hills - there are seventeen. Some of them are pretty tiny, but still deserve a name, I think :-)

I have 3 street names already - only 14 to go! :-D


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