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The Redmond Flats Archive
I'm still working on setting up and organizing the site here, so there's still little to see. In fact, I'm still trying to get playing the BACC neighborhood started in the game itself. So far, I have generated and created my founders and have taken photos of them. During those photo sessions, the personalities of some of the characters really shone forth, so now I know who's going to be the main "storyteller" of the group. I will keep an in-character blog for him, so he now has a (blank) page in the "Chronicles" section.

Now I just need to build some houses, deco the neighborhood a bit, and THEN I'll be able to actually light this candle...

I'm also pretty much done with writing up my rule modifications, so I have adjusted the "Build-A-City Challenge" section a little bit, in anticipation of posting the modifications today or perhaps tomorrow. I also hope have the first downloads I'm going to offer here up today/tomorrow.

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