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I've been on a creating-not-playing kick lately, but I finally sat down and played and made it through a rotation and a half. Then I disciplined myself to sit down and write stuff up. Now I just need to figure out how to format it here... I've started on it, but I'm out of time for the day, so you can't see most of what I've done. Hopefully I'll finish up a few families tomorrow... I did get the front page of the Family Records section done, though! Ooooh! Ahhhh!
2/22/2011 09:11:46

Hey there! I saw a link through your siggie at the MTS. I'm loving the site. As I can see, you haven't updated in a while, but I'll be eagerly watching if you do pick it back up! =)


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    Hi! I'm Kat. By trade, I am a middle-aged musician-for-hire, but I seem to have this strange obsession with The Sims 2. You get to "enjoy" that obsession with this site. Yay.

    If you'd like to contact me for whatever reason, I can be reached here.


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