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So here I am, setting up a BACC for the eleventy-millionth time, it seems. But this time, I'm gonna stick with it! I think... I hope... In any case, I'm giving it a shot. We'll see how it goes.

So far...I haven't actually done anything in the actual game except create the new neighborhood and a couple my founders. (Yes, I do more than one founder now; it's part of the rule modifications that I've created, which I'll be posting here once I actually discipline myself to write them down.)

Oh, and eventually -- Perhaps sooner than the actual documenting starts! -- I'm going to be offering free downloads on this site, too, so if you find yourself liking the residential/community lots I create for this neighborhood (which will all be in adobe/Southwestern-y style), you'll be able to swipe them as well as any other stuff that I might decide to create for this game in general. Especially when I get impatient with MTS's moderation queue.

Anyway, enjoy. I hope that my attempt at this BACC will work better than my previous attempts.  And, if anyone actually comes here, I hope they enjoy what they find...
9/21/2010 06:00:13 am

Yay! You're starting again :-)

I hope to see many lovely lots up for download here, and hope that Redmond Flats blossoms into an exciting new city!

Also, I can't wait to see what changes you've made to the rules......

Good luck! Laura :-)


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