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Wisteria Avenue

Available Lots
The Wisteria Avenue series is my "anything pretty much goes" series. These are lots in various styles, in various sizes, on medium-sized-and-up lots and in a range of prices. Basically, if it squirts into my brain and doesn't fit any of the other series, it gets branded as Wisteria Avenue.

Some of them do actually have wisteria on the lot, though! It's my favorite plant/flower, and Bienchen thoughtfully made one. Well, OK, so it's not a wisteria but a jacaranda, but at the least the shape of the plant and the color of the flowers is wisteria-ish, even though the shape of flowers isn't wisteria-ish. But until I have the ability to mesh or unless someone else makes a wisteria, it'll have to do. :)