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Rafael Shannon

Raf, in a word, is...awesome. He's friendly. He's intelligent. He's interesting. He's entertaining. And those purple eyes, my GOD!

And he's a plant. He never sleeps, is always outside all day and basking under his sunlamp all night. So if I'm feeling a need for a 3AM chat -- And you'd be surprised how often I feel that need -- I just go visit Raf and I'm insta-amused. Seriously, this guy cannot remain single. It would be a crime against nature. He totally needs to spread his genes around, and I swear to God that I'm gonna find someone for him. Someone worthy of him.

He makes me wish that I hadn't married the zombie, actually...

Anyway, Raf sees all, knows all, and often tells all. No scrap of gossip is safe from him. But he's never malicious about it, so that makes it OK. He's just made it his duty to keep track of the goings-on around here, is all, and he does a pretty good job of it. I think he missed his calling as a storyteller...

Anyway, below are all the more "formal" pics that we have of Raf. As you can tell, he already really inspires Kana...More pics can be found in his family's records, too.

Kana's Artsy Pics


See? Raf's cute when basking. You can click the smaller pic to see it full-size. It really is worth it to do so, in this case. Kana's captured Raf so well here...