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I was up until almost 6AM this morning. Doing what, you ask?  Why, playing with modular stairs for this damned game. What else would I be doing? *rolls eyes* I can't believe I did that. But I just got so...absorbed, and I was utterly shocked when I looked at the clock and it said 5:43. I thought it was maybe 2AM, which is my usual bedtime, night owl that I am. Geez. No wonder it was getting light out...

And now I'm paying the price, since I had to get up to give a lesson at 9AM. If I could hook up an IV of Diet Coke, my caffeine of choice, I'd be doing so... But hey! I'll have a fuller creator page thing at MTS to show for my labors! ;D

So yeah, nothing really new here, except that I have finally decided how I want to set up my own little downloads section here, and I have a front  page up in that section now. It's just info, though, like my sharing policy. There are no actual downloads available there yet. Hopefully there will be tomorrow. Sometime. After I wake up. Which probably won't be until noon. No, wait! Tomorrow's Friday. I have an 8AM student. Damn. *bawls*

Screw it. I'm going to bed now. Even though it's only 6:30.

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