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Well. Been a while.

10/24/2010 14:06:26

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I've been on a creating-not-playing kick lately, but I finally sat down and played and made it through a rotation and a half. Then I disciplined myself to sit down and write stuff up. Now I just need to figure out how to format it here... I've started on it, but I'm out of time for the day, so you can't see most of what I've done. Hopefully I'll finish up a few families tomorrow... I did get the front page of the Family Records section done, though! Ooooh! Ahhhh!

More pics!

10/4/2010 13:08:06

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I did more futzing around in the photo section, so there are more pages and more pics to look at. I've also assigned an in-character "keeper" for the section. (Yes, I like to do in-character stuff. It's the writer in me, I guess.) So, there is now a photo gallery page up for most of the characters I've actually played so far.

So now I'm off to put together the documentation of that playing, so that should be up next, along with downloads, assuming that I remember to takes pics of the lots I want to offer for download...
I started to put together the photo section today, and as a result you can see the first completed profile image for the site, of good ol' Stuart the Zombie. Otherwise, the section is very skeletal.

It'll have more pics and profiles shortly, and it will also "introduce" the in-character Sim who will be the keeper of the photo archive...until she dies, of course. You'll also meet the in-character artist. But that will happen tomorrow because the real-life artist (that being me) has some work to do first. :) But I wanted to figure out how I was going to organize that section of the Chronicles, so now that's done, at least. Now to fill it in. And everything else, too.

So, I'm off to take pics and r

Lazy, lazy!

10/2/2010 12:32:27


Just doing some "administrative" stuff in here. Mostly setting up the Downloads section with...pages that you can't see yet, until I get formatting all figured out.

However, I did actually play the game last night, and I made it through the first round for two of the founders before my eyes refused to stay open. Once I get the resulting pics under control and write stuff up, you'll have those. Maybe that'll be today. More likely tomorrow.

God, I can't believe it's October...


9/30/2010 17:34:16


I was up until almost 6AM this morning. Doing what, you ask?  Why, playing with modular stairs for this damned game. What else would I be doing? *rolls eyes* I can't believe I did that. But I just got so...absorbed, and I was utterly shocked when I looked at the clock and it said 5:43. I thought it was maybe 2AM, which is my usual bedtime, night owl that I am. Geez. No wonder it was getting light out...

And now I'm paying the price, since I had to get up to give a lesson at 9AM. If I could hook up an IV of Diet Coke, my caffeine of choice, I'd be doing so... But hey! I'll have a fuller creator page thing at MTS to show for my labors! ;D

So yeah, nothing really new here, except that I have finally decided how I want to set up my own little downloads section here, and I have a front  page up in that section now. It's just info, though, like my sharing policy. There are no actual downloads available there yet. Hopefully there will be tomorrow. Sometime. After I wake up. Which probably won't be until noon. No, wait! Tomorrow's Friday. I have an 8AM student. Damn. *bawls*

Screw it. I'm going to bed now. Even though it's only 6:30.
For those of you who are also playing this challenge or who might be thinking about playing this challenge, I have uploaded the spreadsheets that I use to track BACC neighborhoods here. Further info/instructions can also be found on that page. You may or may not find the spreadsheets useful. I like them because I are geeky. ;)

And that's it for today! Yeah, I'm being lazy...although really, just putting that page together took longer than I thought it would. Now I have to go to the feed store and buy animal food, or else I'm going to have rampaging llamas on my hand. Seriously! We raise llamas.
The documenting, it has begun. :)

But I think that's going to be it for the day.  Unless I find the motivation to put downloads together. I've got errands to run today, though, so I don't know that I'll have the time. Plus, I just feel sort of...enervated, today. :P Blah. It's not surprising, I guess. It is Monday, after all. Not that I have a normal job that makes me hate Mondays or anything, but there is still a sort of weight that Mondays bring with them. I guess it's an ingrained cultural/psychological thing or something. Yeah.

I'm going to go eat a chocolate PopTart now. I have a craving for one. Strange...If I didn't know better, I'd think I was pregnant, since I always craved chocolate PopTarts when I was pregnant... Anyway...yeah. :)
Well, the site is graphically coming together, anyway. :) There's now a (doctored) in-game image from the game on the home page, and I have designed the town's logo. The logo now graces the top of every page and will continue to do so except in the case of the download page, once I actually get that section operational.

The Map Page is now fully functional, too, and also includes the zoning that I've settled on for the town as it grows. I must offer my deepest thanks to Zoe, my housemate's daughter, for helping me to come up with many different synonyms for the words "boondocks" and "dry." The synonyms we liked best became road names. (I think "Godforsaken Place" is particularly inspired, and that one is all Zoe's. Thank you, honeybun. ;) ) Zoe also helped me to decide which road would be named what.

But that's about it for today. Tomorrow, my in-character "storyteller," Rafael, will post his first blog entry; I just need to finish up a few pics for it. Also, I plan to add some downloads. Finally. :) go play the game so that I can get some folks married and get started on the family records and such. :)

Rule Additions!

9/25/2010 13:58:57

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I've finally gotten off my ass and have finished writing up my (long) list of rule modifications for this challenge. You can find them here. If you are playing this challenge or are maybe thinking about doing this sort of challenge, you might want to have a look. Take the ideas you like, chuck the ones you don't. Or just ignore it all completely, as you see fit. I think they add a lot more interest to the play style here, but your mileage may definitely vary.

And I had planned to put up some downloads today...but I find myself itching to play the damn game instead, so preparing those will have to wait until tomorrow...

Just a few tweaks

9/24/2010 14:26:59


I'm still working on setting up and organizing the site here, so there's still little to see. In fact, I'm still trying to get playing the BACC neighborhood started in the game itself. So far, I have generated and created my founders and have taken photos of them. During those photo sessions, the personalities of some of the characters really shone forth, so now I know who's going to be the main "storyteller" of the group. I will keep an in-character blog for him, so he now has a (blank) page in the "Chronicles" section.

Now I just need to build some houses, deco the neighborhood a bit, and THEN I'll be able to actually light this candle...

I'm also pretty much done with writing up my rule modifications, so I have adjusted the "Build-A-City Challenge" section a little bit, in anticipation of posting the modifications today or perhaps tomorrow. I also hope have the first downloads I'm going to offer here up today/tomorrow.


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